Our Vision

To provide developers, investors, operators, and owners with an innovative alternative to traditional hospitality management that champions people, maximises profitability and is committed in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our Core Beliefs

Service Delivered at the Highest Level

Embrace and Drive Innovation

Constantly Improve Processes that Benefit Our Stakeholders and Customers

Create a Fun Environment

Be Creative, and Open-Minded

Continuously Pursue Growth through Learning

Build Open and Honest Relationships

To have a Positive Team and Family Spirit

To Maintain a Simple Organisational Structure

Passion, Determination, and Humility



YELO's Talented Hoteliers

Our people are multi-talented hoteliers that are passionate self-starters who look for opportunities where they can add value and be involved in decisions that affect the way they work. Our team uses a unique model where our people are monitored by a leadership business committee under the direction of an inspiring, customer-centric, truly passionate hotelier.

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Our Home

We aim to create the best hotels and resorts that bring the smallest environmental footprint to the communities that we work, using innovation to inspire and implement solutions to environmental challenges.

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Business Sustainability

YELO's Leadership collaborates with our stakeholders to ensure the long term financial plan is linked to a quality long term asset management plan that provides a profitable business while delivering the highest quality customer experience.